Kalia Yeagle (kuh-LEE-uh YAY-gull) is a fiddler, singer, and educator currently living in Johnson City, Tennessee. Her expressive and versatile fiddling is quickly positioning her at the forefront of a new generation of acoustic musicians. Kalia takes inspiration from her upbringing in Alaska, where long winters and strong, diverse communities have produced an acoustic music scene unlike any other. Her music is undeniably of the mountains, both the Chugach and the Blue Ridge. As a graduate student in the field of Appalachian Studies, she has the privilege of studying the rich musical heritage of the region with special interest in early country music’s pioneering female artists.

Kalia has recorded on numerous independent projects through East Tennessee State University’s Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies program, as well as projects with the Virginia Historical Society, Bill and the Belles, the Great Smoky Mountain Association, the New Reeltime Travelers, and with acclaimed folk musician and scholar Stephen Wade. Kalia has performed and taught across North America, and currently plays with Bill and the Belles, a band that explores early popular country music and long-forgotten sentimental song. She can also be seen with the New Reeltime Travelers, an exciting reiteration of the popular old time group (Grammy nominated for their work on the Cold Mountain soundtrack).